Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tips to grow kalanchoe and dracaenas

Frankly I didn't know my indoor plants' names until today. My wife usually waters them every morning. Besides that, not much is done to them. I would hardly say they are healthy. Almost all leaves of my kalanchoe fall; the leaves of my dracaneas have brown edges.

Kalanchoe prefers full sun but we keep it in a shady location. We are watering it too much. It need to be watered thoroughly and then allowed to partially dry out before watering again.

Dracaenas does it best with bright, indirect light. Ah... Last weekend I took it out to the balcony and let it enjoy a full afternoon of California sunlight. No wonder its leaf edges are turning brown. Also it only need weekly soaking. Got to remind my wife not to be so diligent. Too much salt in the soil can make leaves turn brown too. I will try distilled water if it doesn't get any better. offers detailed tips on growing kalanchoe here and dracaenas here.

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