Thursday, June 16, 2005

Running half hour = a can of Coca Cola?

Treadmills in my gym have a sign "Kcal" before the calories number. Usually after I run for half a hour, 300 something is the number displayed there. It couldn't mean 300*1000 calories. I will be too proud of myself. On the other hand, 300 is just a pity. I sweat, I suffer, only merely 300 calories?

The fact is that I only burned 300 calories. According to here, running half hour at the speed of 5.5 mph only gives me about 306 calories. Need to run faster, faster...

One can of Coca Cola(12 fl oz) contains 155 calories. Dang... That hurts. Can't drink it anymore. Can't afford to lose all my hard works after drinking 2 cans of it. I do have a good news though. A can of diet coke only has 4 calories. For me, plain water is the way to go now.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Gadget Dude said...

You should also worry about your teeth when drinking sodas. Coke is certainly bad, but do you know that Mountain Dew is twice as bad at dissolving away your teeth enamel?

I read about the "twice" part in a paper magazine so I can't link it. But here is some info on sodas and Mountain Dew in general.

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